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victoria. 21. still alive in san francisco, ca.

Ay, it’s my birthday.

My life currently. Ocean & forrest.

Cat dress surprise!
Richard and I cuddling!
Selfie with dog.

Tahoe for a night. Beautiful, wonderful, amazing.

On Monday, had the pleasure of going to the beach!
It started with a leisure text, I want to go to this Beach for Richards birthday. She responded let’s do it, and G wants to go!
I was so stoked! It wasn’t even a request directly. But I’m so glad she wanted to go!

We make plans to be on the road at 11am on Monday. I know how long it takes me to get ready so I wake up at 6am to give myself time to dye my hair, make pancakes, cry, pray, decide what to wear, get dressed, put on my face, and pack for the day. As it neared 11 I got a text saying she lost her car keys.. Okay. I wait for a quick response of “I found em” or “omw” or anything. No. 20 mins go by so I shoot a text asking what’s going on and if they were found. They were, and in 20 she’ll be picking up g. So were already pretty behind schedule, which I knew was going to happen, but for once, it’s not my fault. But I did suspect her to do it. Surprise!

To kill time I pack my little cooler. I bought apples, caramel sauce (sweet Jesus it’s fucking delicious!), hummus and pretzel minis, a smoothie thing, and red grapes. I also bring my backpack with an extra change of clothes, multiple sweaters and a leather jacket, Richards big denim jacket(that’s the biggest piece of richard I can bring with me), a book, journal, towel, two blankets, flip flops, vodka, and a bikini.

I receive a text, here. Lol. It was difficult to get all my shit together but I did it and I’m rushing to pull my water out of the fridge, I put it at the door. She enters with two males. One I know and love, the other I only knew was coming as of that morning, which made uncomfortable. But I was going to give him a fair chance as I should.
We all pile my shit into a brand new Honda Civic. It fucks me in the mind where fuck they get this fucking money!! We have never had a new car… Anyway, a new car means no worries and AC! It was supposed to be 106degrees!!!!! But a balmy 81 in the bay :)
And off we go!!
It’s about 12:30pm, we get out of Sacramento and a little passed Yolo County (YES, Yolo County is outside of Sacramento, CA.) and we hit traffic. I guess cause no one knows how to merge, this seems to be a persist driving epidemic! And traffic makes her blood boil and the car it his with tension, and sweat. I successfully ate a mini lunchable, without spilling any little cheese from my cheesy pizzas! That was until I was chewing my last bite, and she SLAMMED on the brakes to avoid hitting the car in front of us in a complete stop on the freeways….. Which threw the rest of my lunchable on the floor, there was still a nice amount of cheese and sauce I didn’t end up using, I pick up the package and start to clean, I told her what happened and she kinda got mad. It literally wasn’t my fault. I was chewing my LAST bite and she wasn’t paying attention to the road and had to slam on her breaks. So, that was awesome trying to squish all the little cheese into a bigger one to throw away.
Finally traffic picks up, but the anger does not. She hates Traffic and driving in it. And the type of carelessness and fuck off-ery found in road rage is scary for the passenger. I wanted to take a nap on the way there cause I was up so early, lol, no!! I kept my eyes on the road, and as annoying as it is, I back seat drove and freaked out when she almost hit everything!! We really do hands free devices! She got dangerously close to every car on the road, and she just literally wasn’t paying attention on top of blatantly not giving a shit. She made me very uncomfortable the whole way there. She complained about how tired she was cause she has a part time job and it working 5 days a week. She has never kept a job past 3 months and shes never actually tired. She just gives up and bitches about everything. She never really grew up past like freshman year.  I don’t know. I don’t really like to hang out with her for extended periods of time because her brain does everything so ass back wards. And G totally could have drove! He’s a great, chill driver, that hasn’t been in a big accident! So she could have relaxed and let him drive, but she just wanted to bitch and make it awkward and stressful, and scary! *end rant*

We’re getting closer and we hit more traffic but we can smell the sea air!!

Alright at 2:30 we cross the Golden Gate Bridge!(it’s nutty as fuck to think that that bridge is world renown)
After we pee in a Starbucks, get much needed caffeine, and get a donut, there was a bird inside of it just acting like a customer, the next challenge, was parking.
I had never been to Baker Beach, but I knew parking was going to be shitty to park, I mean it’s SF! So we parked in a neighborhood about a mile away. Got our shit and made our walk down. :)
It’s weird they chose the worst spot ever to sit. We entered the beach and get in the literal middle of everything and they set down their shit, there were families completely circling them, no privacy WHAT SO EVER, and just an all around terrible spot. I made it clear I’d be walking to the right to find a better spot, and boy did I.

We found a quaint little spot down a bit, it was up by a little fence we could have hung out wet towels on if we were to go into the ocean. I was hot, but not hot enough to fully submerge into the ocean! For me, at least. They are sitting on their queen sized comforter she brought and I’m sitting on my little foldable beach blanket thingy, it folds up into its own bag. I have my backpack at the top, and my cooler on the bottom. I start to make myself a plateau on the sand so the sand that does get in my blanket, i can sweep it off and down into the moat I made. I make myself a cocktail on Uv blue raspberry vodka and sierra mist soda into my Starbucks cup. Yummy :) I pull out my journal and my book and alternate from listing to G play his guitar to reading and writing. Now that we had made it down there, Nothing else mattered!! I attempted to take a nap, it failed, but I still felt rested. I took pictures, above^. I ate a bunch of snacks. And all around  soaked up the sun!

A couple hours go by, I pull the bottle of vodka from my backpack, and to my surprise, it was fucking empty!! So I turn to B and call him out! I ask him why the fuck he drank all my fucking liquor!? So he mad eup some bullshit saying he tried to drop on the bottle but she told him not too… WTF is that?? Andy way he just got wayyy more annoying as the liquor set in!! And even she got pissed a him. He was just dripping in desperation and being pathetic! So we decided to start packing up, it’s 7pm.

As were still getting out shit together, she takes off without carrying much and walks to the car. And if I got to the car first, I’d pull around up the the front of the beach so it’s wayy less off a wlk when the rest of the group have all the stuff and were all tired from being in the sun all day. NOPE, instead she just sits in the car and waits for us, and then bitches that it took so long.

And we’re off again.

Tension is higher than ever!!! She’s even more pissed cause hes really drunk and I called him out on all his bullshit. So he starts crying. I have to pee so bad and she’s driving even more fucked up. Her phone is a piece of shit and keeps dropping her service and so We get my phone up and running and she decides she doesn’t like it so she makes her phone work some how. So I ask if we can stop so I can piss and she yells at me that when were close to the freeway we will. So were getting close and we stop at Target. I wish she wasn’t so pissed so I could look around. This place was HUGE!! 2 floors and awesome! But she had a fucking agenda to get the fuck home!! So he and I hop out and go in to piss. We get back to right where she dropped us off and she’s gone. I give G a call cause if I were to call her and maybe mess up her phone, that most likely would have been the last straw and he would have flipped her lid. So I guess they couldn’t park where they dropped us off, so they had to keep driving and they were around the block, they should be there soon. Ten agonizingly annoying minutes with him and his “poor me” story I get in the car, ask if we can play music, we can’t, she had a head ache. So I put my head phones in, melt asleep to Bon Iver. I wake up to us stopping at Mcdonalds. Get a burger, back on the road and more awkward silence outside of my earphones. And it’s hot and sweaty and smelly in the car, so I roll down my window and she rolls it up, so i roll it down again and she said that she wants it up, I said I need air. So she reluctantly turned on the AC.

An hour or so I wake up to G being dropped off. I awake at my house next and have to get allll my shit out. Thank her for the fun and go inside.

So he still owes me ten dollars. And I left my magic hair brush in her car along with my hat. I have yet to get any of them. But I expect to receive them all soon.

I know no one in there right mind read any where near all of this. And if you did, I thank you greatly. But I’m sure you feel like you just wasted how ever long it took you to read this. Well, imagine how I feel, I wrote this bullshit. lol. anyway, goodnight. much love.